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As announced by Government on 14 September, Auckland is remaining on Covid-19 alert level 2.5 for at least another week. This will now remain in place when we have our Counties Power Consumer Trust AGM, on 22 September.

Under these present rules relating to functions at clubs, we are still able to hold our AGM at the Franklin Club on Tuesday, 22 September at 5:30pm. Attendees will be restricted to being in groups of no more than 10 people, with a maximum of 10 groups allowed. The area in the club where we are holding the AGM, can take over 200 people, so we can easily accommodate multiple groups and provide for the required space between tables for our AGM, particularly as normal attendance, in the past, has been 30-40 people. As an extra precaution, we will have disposable face masks available for use and we do advise you to wear these. Attendees will also be required to follow 'Contact Tracing' protocols, either by using the 'Contact Tracing App, ' or, by completing the sign-in register upon arrival. Refreshments will be served using table service.

We have advertised previously, that we may hold the meeting on ZOOM. This was a precautionary measure in case we went back to level 3. We would prefer to see you in person, but if you prefer to attend by ZOOM, please email us, at the email address noted below, no later than 1:00pm on Friday, 18 September. To proceed with adding a ZOOM option to our meeting we will require a minimum number of participants.

We look forward to seeing you at our AGM.  

Best Regards,

Christine Rupp

Chair, Counties Power Consumer Trust



As previously mentioned, on this site, the AGM for Counties Power Consumer Trust, (CPCT), is scheduled to be held on 22 September at the Franklin Club, at 5:30pm, under current COVID-19, level 2.5

Pending an announcement by the Government, within the next week, if the alert level remains at 2.5, we will proceed with holding our AGM as a public meeting. Provision will be made to ensure that attendees will be required to maintain strict social distancing and to meet contact tracing protocols, either via the Tracing App, or, by following manual sign-in procedures. Seating arrangements will comply with level 2.5 rules. 

Should the alert level increase beyond 2.5, then our AGM will proceed via ZOOM.

A further update will be provided should the alert level increase beyond 2.5

Once again, thanking you for your understanding.

Norman Foote

Secretary - Counties Power Consumer Trust.


ANNUAL Report 2020 - COVID 19 IMPACT

Consumers and other interested parties are advised that, due to the impact of Covid-19 on the audit process, the posting of the annual report of Counties Power Consumer Trust for the year ended 31 March 2020, will be delayed by one week. This information will be available on our website on 7th August 2020. 

Trustees apologise for the delay occasioned by this event and would thank consumers for their patience. 



There have numerous events in the Electricity sector during 2019 and 2020 which have taken up the time of the Trustees.  Six matters have been at the forefront, which have canvassed a range of issues intiated by the Government. These include the Electicity Price Review, (per EPR Expert Panel), Transmission Pricing Methodology, and, More Efficenct Distribution Prices, (per Electricity Authority), Accelerating Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, (per MBIE), and, two submissions to the Productivity Commission on Technology Issues and Technological Change abd the Future of Work. Comprehensive submissions were prepared and submitted to the relevant agencies.

As an example of the effectiveness of your Trust to make its voice heard and taken into account, it is worth noting that a matter related to a proposal by Inland Revenue to cease allowing our network company to have a tax deduction for the annual discounts it provides to all connected consumers at a particular date, was settled early in 2018. After lengthy negotiations, Inland Revenue, in January 2018, agreed to allow a tax deduction to network companies which issued discounts to their consumers. There were various conditions and requirements that had to be met, to ensure that the tax deduction was applicable, and our network company was able to satisfy those conditions and requirements. This was a particularly pleasing outcome for Trustees and for consumers, who will continue to receive their annual discounts from Counties Power Limited.   

It should be noted that the proposal by the Electricity Authority, to alter the method currently used for charging the transmission cost throughout the country to one of 'user pays,' has been finally been determined and finalised by the EA. 


Summary of the 2017 IEA Review of Electricity Companies in NZ

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